Sir M Visvesvaraya“One machine can do the work of FIFTY ordinary men , no machine can do the work of one EXTRAORDINARY MAN”.


Bharata Ratna Sir Mokshagundam  Vishveshwariah, was an Eminent Engineer and a most influential makers of modern India. He was a rare combination of intellect,integrity, discipline, culture and vision – who will continue to inspire young professionals, centuries after his time. Sir M. Vishveshwariah was born as a son of Sanskrit Scholar ,”Srinivas Shastry” in the land of Muddenahalli” at Chikkaballapur” and found letters under the street light.He stood first in Matriculation Exam for Mysore State.

Sir M.Vishveshwariah Scholastics:

  • He completed his Lower Secondary Schooling in Chikkaballapur and joined “Central College” in Bangalore for his Graduation.
  • Completed his B.A. from “Madras University” in 1881.
  • Completed his B.E. in Civil Engineering from “College of Engineering” in Pune 1883.

Then begin his ease less journey as “Philanthropist”. He was never interested in Fame or publicity, but they come to him their own. His HONOUR was not yielded, conquered merely.

Job positions held by Sir M.Vishveshwariah :

  • In 1813 – joined PWD, Mumbai as Assistant Engineer ,later invited to join Indian Irrigation Commission.
  • Assistant Engineer, Bombay Government Service.
  • Chief Engineer, Hyderabad State.
  • Chief Engineer, Mysore State.
  • Dewan of Mysore.
  • Chairman of Bhadravati Iron works.

Founder Of :

  • Krishnaraja sagar Dam,Mysore.
  • State Bank of Mysore in 1913.
  • Mysore University in 1916.
  • Govt. Oil and Soap factory at Mysore in 1916.
  • Maharani College of Mysore.
  • Bangalore Mysore Railroad.
  • Built the Bhatakal Harbour.
  • Jaichamarajendra Polytechnic College , Mysore in 1940.
  • College of Agriculture, Mysore.
  • Started Civil Service Exams at Mysore.
  • ICE(Institution of Civil Engineers). “Automatic weir water flood gates” for Khadakwasla Reservoir,Pune later this system created that times biggest in Asia.
  • Built a drinking water system at Aden, Egypt.
  • Built dam for Mooysi and Iyaasi river to control flood.

Honours and Laurels conferred on Sir M.Vishveshwariah:

  • A title “Kaiser-i-Hind” by British Government.
  • 1904 – Honorary membership of London Institution of Civil Engineers for an unbroken period of 50 years.
  • 1915 – K.C.I.E. (Knight commander of the Order of the Indian Empire ).
  • 1943 – Elected as an Honorary Life member of the Institution of Engineers (India).
  • 1955 – Conferred “BHARATHA RATNA” the highest distinction of the country.
  • 1959 – Fellowship of the Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore.

In Memory of Sir M.vishveshwariah :

  • VNIT , Nagpur.
  • Vishveswariah Technical Museum.
  • Post Stamp for his 100th Birthday. He is the first person whose Stamp was released when he was alive.

The Visionary: 

Our country is such a bundle of contradictions that it is perhaps fitting that Gandhi and Vishveshwariah , two of the most profound builders of “Modern India” had such conflicting views on modernization, while holding each other in the highest  regard.While Gandhi’s motto was “Industrialize and Perish”, Vishveshwariah was –“Industrialize or Perish”.

In a letter to Visveshwariah in the 1930’s, Gandhi wrote, “In spite of the strength   of my conviction, I have great regard for your fine abilities and love for the country  and that shall be unabated whether   I have the good fortune to secure your cooperation or face your honest opposition… I see that  we     hold perhaps diametrically opposite views. My conviction based upon extensive experiences of village life is that in India, at  any  rate  for  generations  to come ,  we shall not be able to make much use of mechanical power for solving the problem of the ever growing poverty of the masses.”

To which Vishveshwariah replied ,  “You say we hold perhaps diametrically opposite views. You are for developing village industries and I favour both heavy  industriesand village industries. To the extent that you propose to advance village industries, I am at one with you . I can never persuade myself to take up a hostile attitude towards any constructive work, from any quarter, least of all towards work attempted by one with your brilliant historic achievements in public life… I am in favour of heavy industries because heavy industries will save the money that is going out of the country in large sums every year; heavy industries are required to provide the local manufactures of machinery and equipment required by our railways and for defence forces and heavy industries are required also for supplying machinery and tools for the village industries themselves. I recommend more extended use of mechanical power because it produces results for the country much more rapidly than human  power. The object is to get food and commodities required by our people”.

“Some People are born Mediocre ,

Some People achieve Mediocrity


Some People have Mediocrity thrust upon them.

Its none other than Sir M. Vishveshwariah .


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