Antaragange in Kolar is popular weekend getaway destination located at a distance of 70 Km from Bangalore.The Antaragange is a series of rocky hills situated in the Shathashrunga mountain range. It is also called as Dakshina Kashi or Kashi of the south. The meaning of Antaragange in Kannada language is ‘Ganges from the deep’.

The Antaragange is famous for the water coming out of stone Bull (Nandi). There is a temple named Kashivishweshwara temple in front of the pond. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The pond gets continuous water flow from Nandi. No one knows the origin of the water and it is believed that the water (Ganga) is falling from head of Lord Shiva. Water is seen streaming out throughout the year.

Visitors, who come here, carry this holy water in bottles because it is also believed that one can get rid of the diseases by drinking this holy water of Antaragange or putting it on the body if still diseases persist despite all kinds of medical treatments.

There are several temples on the top of the hill which can be reached with the help of a steep narrow path which leads to the mountain top Anthargange has many natural springs and the weather is generally very pleasant. For the seasoned traveler, a night time camping experience might be an option. However fires cannot be lit as it is wooded area. Overall Anthargange is an excellent place for a day trip.

However the traveler has to be prepared for an exhausting trek, which is sure to be an exhilarating experience despite the physical effort.The hills of Antaragange provide an ideal location for Outbound Training and Excursions. Scattered thorn scrub forests amidst volcanic rocks and boulders present an irresistible landscape, where different adventure activities can be undertaken. Activities include • Nature study, Trekking & rock climbing, Over night camping, Night navigation, Cave exploration.

Behind the temple there is way to the forest. From this point you can start the trekking. You will find some stairs at the beginning of the trekking, but it will disappear as you go further. The path is full of stone, scattered cactus, thrones and Bushes. Ideal place for adventure. If you follow the pylons (power cables), it would be very easy to climb the hill.

There are a lot of trees such as Nilagiri, Akeshiya, Amla. There are various spicies of cactus are available in this region. As you go to the top, you will find a nice view of Kolara city. There are volcanic rocks of various size. Some rocks are laid in such passion that it appear like natural caves.

How to reach Antargange:

There are many KSRTC buses play to Kolar from Bangalore Bus Station (Kempe Gowda Bus Station). From Kolar it is just 4 Km and you can catch a auto rickshaw to reach Antaragange

If you are planning to visit Antaragange using your own vehicle or cabs, here’s the route:
Bangalore – Hosakote – Kolar – Antaragange (70 Km)

Distances from Antaragange:
1. Kolar: 4 Kms
2. Bangalore: 70 kms

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